Some Obscure information about Mattresses

All Americans Know what a Mattress is Whether they are plush top mattresses, pillow top mattresses, innerspring mattresses, pocketed coil mattresses, or even just a futon on the floor. It is common to locate people that can tell the difference between a plush top and a pillow top mattress in columbus ohio. Although it can be difficult to locatea modicum of real history.

Luckily we are able to aid you here, Sleep Well Columbus, a Mattress Warehouse in Columbus Ohio has been compiling some helpful mattress factoids to aid you with being informed about a bit more than you already were about the history of your bed.

Recently, a bunch of archeologists found a stack of mattresses about 77 thousand years old . I say a stack of mattresses because evidently , the sibudu cave, 25 miles north of Durban, South Africa, was a oft frequented rest area for nomadic early humans, the mattresses were completely unlike what we currently would use, they were mostly just compacted plant matter. it was probably better than sleeping on bare stone though.

Of course the beginnings of the word mattress are one of those things that some people are curious about, it comes from a word in arabic “al-matrah” which means “the cushion he threw down” eventually the word morphed to become “materas” during the assimilation of european and arab cultures.

A clause in Shakespeare’s will left his second best bed to Anne, His Wife. Although this may seem to bean insult, it really wasn’t. In this time the best bed was kept in the livingroom and was a public thing, the 2nd best bed was most likely the marital bed, and the one they both slept in often.

The first couple shown on television in bed together during prime time were fred and wilma flintstone, This was most likely due to either societal taboo at the time about showing two people in bed together, or an fcc regulation forbidding two actors from being in the same bed on tv, either way, the the flintstones were able to skirt the rules by being an animated couple.

Cast iron beds and cotton mattresses began to become popular during the late 1700’s. But their popularity increased fast as people discovered that the combination of them made their sleeping space less attractive to bugs, until that time pests were just accepted as a feature of even the most royal beds.

In 1871 Heinrich Westphal came up with the innerspring mattress, Heinrich lived in Germany, and died in Poverty, Heinrich never made money from his remarkable invention. It took a whole sixty years before innerspring mattresses gained any amount of market share.

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